Painting Over: How To Start Fresh When A Vandal Has Painted Something "Fresh" On Your House

Vandals have four approaches to destroying your property; paint it, cut it, break it, and plaster it with substances that are difficult to remove. If a vandal has recently painted the exterior of your home with something vulgar, the only way to remove it, really, is to paint over it. Here is how to start fresh when a vandal has painted something "fresh" on your house. 

Hire Exterior Painting Services

Professional house painters are old pros at hiding vandalism on houses. Someone will come to your home to assess the damage, and then provide you with a quote in regards to repainting the whole house and/or a quote for just matching the siding color to paint over the vulgarity (if possible). Once you have hired a team/company, they will schedule a nice, warm, sunny day to do the job. 

Pressure-Wash the Exterior of Your Home

In preparation for the professional painters' work, you should pressure wash the entire exterior of the home. The pressure washer can help remove some of the thinner areas of the vandal's paint while cleaning the rest of the siding to prepare it for the new paint job. Then, when the painters arrive, they can go straight to work instead of having to wash the siding themselves and then start painting. 

Choose a Less "Tempting" Color for Your Home's Exterior

Vandals often select homes with white siding or a very light siding color because it allows everyone to see their handiwork clearly. It appears like a blank white canvas to them, which is why it tempts them so. If your home has white, yellow, beige, or off-white siding, that is probably why your home was targeted. (Of course, your home may also have been targeted by an ex-lover seeking revenge, which does happen regardless of the color of your house!)

Taking this into consideration (and if it applies to your home), the painting pros might suggest a different, darker color to deter vandals. They will offer a wide range of choices, and then you can choose one of those colors to cover the vandal's work and repaint your home's exterior. Be sure to choose a color you like and can live with, or you may find yourself repainting the home sooner than you anticipated. 

Fresh, New-Looking Home

In a way, you can almost thank the vandal. You are transforming your home's appearance from the outside. You may even love the new exterior color that the exterior painting service supplies and the smooth way it covers everything.