Can You Remove Paint From Your Wood-Paneled Walls?

Everything old becomes new again, and one aspect of home decor once relegated to the “retro” file–dark wood paneling–has made quite the recent comeback in many parts of the U.S. This can be great news for homeowners whose basements, bedrooms, or living rooms are already outfitted with intricate wood paneling or beadboard; however, if the original wood of your paneling has been covered with paint at some point over the past several decades, removing it can be a challenge.

3 Things Roof Coating Can Do for Your Business

If you own a business, you want to be sure you maintain your brick and mortar locations. Roof coating comes along with a long list of benefits that make investing in this application a well worth it expense. Here are just some of the advantages you can anticipate by having your roof coated by a professional.  Extend Roof Lifespan As a business owner, keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible is a critical part of protecting your bottom line.