Are You Giving Your Office a Face Lift?

Have you been in your current office for such a long time that you can't quite remember the exact date you moved in? Or, it might be that you've moved into a previously used office and you want to make it more attractive. No matter how long you've been in the office, or even if you're just about to move in, do you already have a plan? If not, from arranging for a commercial painter to redo the walls to making the floors look like new, here are some ideas that might help you.

Hire a Professional to Paint the Walls

Maybe you're an individual who is great with a can of paint and a paint brush or a paint roller. If you've painted walls in the past, you're good to go, right? However, maybe you don't have the time or the inclination to paint the office walls yourself. You might be surprised at how affordable it will be have a professional paint your walls. Besides knowing how to do the job with an eye for detail, the commercial painter will also know the best type of paint that would be best for your office.

Think about buying your paint at a home goods store or at a paint store. By doing that you'll have a huge selection from which to make your color choice. Or, the commercial paint company might have just as many choices and might give you a great deal on the price. Give companies such as Decorators Service Co., Inc. the price you have already seen and perhaps they will offer a better deal. It doesn't hurt to try, right?

Hire a Professional to Do the Floors 

Does your office have hardwood floors? Maybe the hardwood looked great many years ago, but now because of a great deal of foot traffic, the hardwood floors might look pretty bad. No worries. A professional can strip the hardwood, re-stain it, and then give apply wax for the finishing touch. 

Maybe there are tile floors throughout your office space, or maybe they are just in the bathrooms. Either way, consider having a commercial floor finishing company supply a professional to thoroughly clean the tiles, giving extra attention to the grout. After the grout is cleaned you might be surprised that it is a totally different color than it was before it was cleaned. Once your office walls are painted and the floors have been given a new look, consider having the workers return periodically to maintain the new look.